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Additional Resources

Bickford, John H. 1972. Mechanisms for Intermittent Motion. New York: Industrial Press Inc.

Brown, Henry T. 1868. Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements.
New York: Brown & Seward.

Chironis, Nicholas P. 1965. Mechanisms, Linkages, and Mechanical
Controls. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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McComb, Gordon. 2004. Robot DNA Series: Constructing Robot Bases.
New York: McGraw-Hill.

McComb, Gordon. 2003. Robot Builder’s Sourcebook.
New York: McGraw-Hill.

Cabaret of Mechanical Theatre understanding movement and making automata by Kieth Newstead:

Good resource on automata: http://www.phm.gov.au/hsc/aibo/origins.htm

Sources of parts:

Small Parts Incorporated