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Maxuino/Arduino/BS2 Summary & Conceptual readings

In this chapter, you have used a 5-volt DC voltage PIR sensor to control a solid-state relay that switched an AC voltage on and off. Given the proper SSR you will now be able switch high voltage motors, lamps, and other AC devices with the Basic Stamp 2 and other microcontrollers.

Remember to always check data sheets to confirm that that the parts you select will work with what you are switching. You have applied a passive infrared sensor while learning about the way the PIR sensor images on the sensor window and how you can manipulate this by either painting out the fresnel lens or by using a small tube to limit the sensing area. You have also learned that a simple one-bit PIR sensor can still provide rich interaction based on certain counting subroutines that will allow your program to conditionally branch to new locations in your program.

You have learned about a variety of projects where artist inventors have used electromagnetic and solid state relays. In David Foster’s and Carl Bailey’w work, solid-state relays were used to activate AC lamps rapidly and passive infrared sensors triggered both. In Reva Stone’s work, active infrared sensors activated electromagnetic relays and in Nell Tenhaaf’s work, passive infrared sensors were used to advance video sequences. In Bill Shackelford’s work he used the Basic Stamp interfaced to the WWW as input to a solid state relay as output to inflate a large balloon. In Cezar Martinez’s work the simple action of powerful AC blowers can activate emotionally moving figurative forms.

Further Investigation

Many electronic kit suppliers carry relay boards that have multiple SSRs onboard. For example the neon artist Michael Hayden controls much of his neon utilizing solid state relays designed to switch the primary of the transformer.

Many also have kits that carry electromagnetic relays onboard. Some of the larger suppliers are:

http://www.a1parts.com/newkits/ Canada
http://www.electronics123.com? USA

Conceptual readings

Resurrecting the Technological past an Introduction to the Archeology of Media Art
Erkki Huhtamo http://www.ntticc.or.jp/pub/ic_mag/ic014/huhtamo/huhtamo_e.html
Seeking Deeper Contact Interactive Art as Metacommentary by Erkki Huhtamo