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Parts list

New Lessons in this book are focused on the Arduino UNO working with MAX MSP and Jitter. Maxuino will be the new platform running through Standard Fermata.

I do not recommend the BS2 anymore given the high cost and the more open source nature of the Arduino. Arduino now has much code developed by the open source community, which makes it a superior product.

Arduino UNO (Microcenter has 10$ Arduino Unos R3)
Miditron. The Miditron is no longer being manufactured, though the lessons have been left intact for others who may still have some legacy hardware they wish to use or wish to access sensor configurations and designs.  
Basic Stamp 2 (BS2)

Eight Red LED’s or other colors
Eight 1 k ohm 1/4-watt resistors
470 ohm resistors
PIR sensor (PIR K76)
Small copper tube
rare Earth Magnets. (Radio shack part # 64-1895)
Hall Effect Sensor 3515 (Allegro Part)
a suitable multimeter with ohm and voltage measurement capabilities
A servo motor
a 2 foot AC extension cord with solid state relay attached Sold State Relay
an AC socket Bulb socket with AC plug all in one.
an  AC Extension cord
One Piezoelectric Speaker
A TIP 120 Darlington Transistor Radio Shack part #: 276-2068

One Motor Driver H- Bridge L298 (Kit includes all parts including 8 Diodes, 6 resistors, L298 Chip and 2 capacitors) from http://www.jcminventures.com/cybug_robot_kits.htm#Motor%20Controller
or a functional equivelant from http://solarbotics.com kit # 13
One DC Motor Hsiang HN-GH12-1830Y from Jameco $19.95 quantity of one or other surplus DC motor part.