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BS2 Getting the software

The software you will use to program your Basic Stamp 2 is the Stamp Editor and you should periodically check for updates for new stamp editor features on the Parallax web page.

You will be writing software programs in Pbasic, which is an enhanced Basic code that makes structured programming much easier. The Parallax Editor is free and you can get it by downloading from the web at the Parallax web site.

Using your current web browser go to www.parallax.com.
Go to the download area and select Basic Stamp Software.



Go to the downloads page available in the top tab of choices and navigate to the Basic Stamp Software section:



Choose the software that will run on your specified operating system.

If you have a Macintosh and don’t want to download the software from the internet, you can either run virtual PC and use the PC version of the Basic Stamp software or you can use the Pbasic tokenizer for the Mac, which is also available as a free download on the Parallax web site and is Version 2.0b7 by Murat from the United Kingdom.

For Linux devotees, there is also a Linux software editor available for the Basic Stamp, created by Francis Edmonde White. There are also versions of the software in Italian, Greek, Spanish,

Computer System Requirements

A Windows PC, a laptop computer or a Macintosh can run the Stamp Editor. You can use a variety of operating systems. You can use a Windows 95, or more recent versions with newer operating systems such as Windows Professional NT, or DOS. This means you can use a very obsolete computer like an old 486 PC, or the latest MAC systems running OSX.

In the Mac environment, if you are using PC software, you also have to use a DB9 equipped Keyspan serial adapter, also called (USA19), or the Keyspan with the two small round connectors also called the (USA28).