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Summary & References

In this chapter, you have learned that the area of sound is a vast and ancient method of celebration and joy, which connects to a primordial aspect of all human animals. It can create emotion and offer feedback in your invention even if not used for emotionally expressive possibilities.

You have learned about many artists and inventors who use sound both as a primary approach to their work and as a component in larger installations. In the works of Nigel Helyer, capacitance is used to allow many works to respond and create an aural field. In the works of Maywa Denki, sound is explored as a way of creating performative works and new sound inventions. In the works of Paul Demarinis sound is explored in new contexts by using custom circuits and methods of modulating sound into jets of water. The installation work of Rebecca Horn explores the intersection between the body and the machine through sound. In the work of Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, aural environments are created and preformed through statistical analysis of chat rooms and this finds environment in a large scale sound installation. Bjorn Schulke realized large sculptural and humorous works many concerned with issues of surveillance and Amy Youngs works to amplify and create appreciation for worms through her sonic environment Terrestrial Soundings.

In this chapter, you have further explored methods of adding emotion to your works using a piezo speaker and you have further reviewed other methods of manipulation of sound through other devices like amplifiers and MIDI signals.

Further Investigation

Silence: Lectures and Writings by John Cage, Wesleyan University Press, 1973.



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