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You have learned to hook up the Arduino, Miditron or BS2 and and download code and you have learned an important method of checking the functionality of your programs.

The next chapter will begin to give you a repertoire of behaviors possible with the Arduino, Miditron or the BS2 hardware designs that will allow you to expand on this knowledge and begin to build your wildest dreams.

Conceptual reading:

The House That Jack Built: Jack Burnham's Concept of "Software" as a Metaphor for Art Edward A. Shanken http://www.duke.edu/~giftwrap/House.html

Technical reading:

Further Investigation
The resources listed here are available for free download from the Parallax web site and are also included on the Parallax CD.

BASIC Stamp Manual”, Users Manual, Version 2.0c, Parallax Inc., 2004
The BASIC Stamp Manual has more examples you can try and information that further explains the following commands: HIGH, LOW, PAUSE, the DEBUG command and the FOR NEXT statement.