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In this chapter, we will replicate code that is part of MAXUINO and then use that code to abstract and further develop the input and output capabilities of the Arduino running through Maxuino.

In order for the code to work below, you must first follow these excellent tutorials located on the Maxuino site and download the code that is the text program that was created by Chris Coleman and Ali Momeni.


maxuino_b017:  March 24, 2014

The tutorials are excellent video tutorials for downloading the Maxuino help patch and to add a search path within Max MSP and Jitter. The externals are best placed in a MAX folder in the documents folder in your system. http://www.maxuino.org/video

When you do all of this in the correct fashion you will end up with a fantastic Maxuino patch that allows you to set pins to input and output and drive motors as well as receive signals from sensors etc.

You will end up with a MAXUINO help patch that looks like this.

Copyright Chris Coleman and Ali Momeni


As this is a wonder patch we are grateful to Chris and Ali. Still, we wanted to try and make the startup a bit more automated so Trademark Gunderson scripted this patch below to allow you to have a simple start before starting to use Maxuino and Max MSP and Jitter through Firmata and the Arduino.

MaxuinoSimpleStart patch screengrab

MaxuinoSimpleStart (Max/MSP and Jitter patch)
by TradeMark Gunderson
Copyright Ken Rinaldo