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Maxuino/Arduino flame sensor

A flame sensor can be used to sense a flame and is a High sensitivity IR receiver.

  • Extremely sensitive to wavelengths between 760-1100nm
  • Power supply indicator lamp
  • Comparator output indicator lamp
  • AO, real-time thermister voltage signal output
  • DO, high/low electric level signal output
  • Analog quantity output
  • Threshold rollover electric level output
  • Threshold adjusted by potentiometer
  • Detection Angle Range: About 60 degrees
  • Power Supply: 0-15 V DC
  • Hole Inner Diameter: Approx. 3mm
  • Size (L x W): Approx. 36 x 16mm
Flame Sensor

Arduino CODE for Flame Sensor




This program is similar to the fade sketch,

however, the brightness of the LED is proportional

to the intensity of the IR source on the phototransistor.


int ledPin = 9;          // the PWM pin that the LED is connected to

int photoCktVinPin = A5; // analog input pin used for phototrans circuit Vin

int brightness = 0;      // map value between phototrans input to LED output

const int backgroundIROffset = 20;  // helps remove some background IR sources

void setup() {

//declare the led pin to be an output

pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

//read in the phototransistor circuit Vout level

brightness = analogRead(photoCktVinPin) + backgroundIROffset;

//map value to LED brightness scale

brightness = map(brightness, 0, 1023, 255, 0);

//set PWM value for LED source



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