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Maxuino/Arduino/BS2 Summary

In this chapter, you have learned about some unusual applications of LEDs that reference our perceptual system in the works of Jim Campbell and Bill Bell. You have also seen LEDs utilized as devices for creation of sketches as with the works of Dan Paluska, Jessica Banks, jackbackrack and you have seen the applications of driving LED’s abstracted into the notion that binary outputs can also drive solenoids for controlling valves to spray paint politically contentious message as with the GraffitiWriter by the Institute of Applied Autonomy. You have also seen that control of the code for arrays of LEDs will allow you to drive seven segment displays. These displays are the basis of the emotionally active socio-political messages, as with the works of the contemporary artist Jenny Holzer.

While artists and inventors should have good use for this binary technique in driving lights on and off in sequence the real excitement is being able to control much larger AC or DC devices in the same fashion. With Maxuino/Arduino the Metro Object working with p pinMode-digitalWrite can let you address individual pins or many pins in sequence when you use the Metro Object in association with the counter object and sel object.

With the Basic Stamp 2 the FOR NEXT LOOP is another way to reduce the lines of code that are necessary to get the program running and leds to work in sequence.