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Summary & References

In this chapter you have come to realize that the control of a biological systems is dependent on a number of intelligent and self functioning subsystems to allow life to exist as we experience it. The works of Gunther von Hagens serve to illustrate and demonstrate this complex interaction of multiple subsystems of living system functionality through his method of plastination. In the works of Bill Vorn Stele 01 yr you have seen how the appliction of 100’s of servo motors can control and permit an emmersive and projected environment. In the works of Jen Hall you have seen servos used to delicately position needles to challenge notion of tenderness and care. IN the work of Daniel Rozin’s Wooden Mirror, 1999 you can see how servos can be applied to making new kinks of reflectons mediated through light and motor. In the works of Amanda Parks and Hayes Raffle the motor was used both to program and activate their creatures and in the works of Jessica Miller the servo motor Is used to make an interactive sound work.

You have further learned that with this method, you can now use the input of the photo resistor to control motion. For control of one servo, this circuit is fine, but if you want to control another one, it would be difficult as the RC time and the driving of the servomotor are tying up the BS2.

Further conceptual reading:

Penny, Simon: Embodied Agents, Reflexive Engineering and Culture as a Domain: http://www.adaweb.com/context/events/moma/bbs5/transcript/penney01.html


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