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Basic Stamp 2


Overview of the Basic Stamp Family:

There are many microprocessor and control platforms one can control their ideas and artworks with and this selection should be based on the concept of your work and what you are working to achieve. For easy and well-supported access to an embedded microcontroller, the Basic Stamp has revolutionized microprocessor access for the masses.

Now the Arduino is the standard for open source microprocessors and this is my recommendation for those pursuing electronics and microprocessor control. I leave this information here as legacy information for those still invested in the Basic Stamp line of processors.

The Basic Stamp line provides easy access to digital and analog control and since 1982 artists, engineers and inventors have used over 3 Million basic stamps around the world. There are many models of the BASIC Stamp each with different speeds, programming languages, and benefits; the BASIC Stamp 1, BASIC Stamp 2, BASIC Stamp 2e and BASIC Stamp 2sx and now a knockoff of the Arduino that is also available from Parallax.


Basic Stamps


The Spin Stamp also available at Parallax is a new 24-pin module, similar in form to the BASIC Stamp 2 family, though the new spin chip is a multi-processing chip with eight 32-bit processors (cogs) on board.

BS2 Overview

BASIC Stamps are unique microcontrollers (tiny computers) designed for a broad range of applications. Projects that require computer intelligence in a small package can use a BASIC Stamp module as microcontroller.

We will focus on the Basic Stamp 2 one of the most popular products of Parallax Inc. The Stamp 2 runs about 2000 lines of code per second. The stamp is running at 5 volts DC that is supplied by the Board of Education in your kit.

On each Basic Stamp 2 board is an interpreter chip (interprets basic into machine code the language of the computer), Internal memory (RAM and EEPROM which hold your programs), It has 16 reprogrammable input outputs pins (I/O) that can be connected in numerous ways to outside devices.


Remember: Basic stamps like most microprocessors are static sensitive and you must touch metal to discharge your hand before touching the CHIP.

The black chip to the right is the PIC16C57 which is the brains of the Basic Stamp 2