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Miditron Programmer

Miditron Programmer
When you use the Miditron board you will be using the Miditron Programmer, which is a way to configure control the input and output of this interface device. Terminals.
We will begin by setting up one of the terminals as a digital output to test send an LED HIGH and LOW.

1)  Launch the Miditron Programmer.

You should see a flashing message, in red within your computer screen. This prompts you to select the MIDI In port and the MIDI Out port

This tells the programmer the ports which the MidiTron is connected.

2) Choose E-MU XMidi1X1 for the Midi In Port and E-MU XMidi1X1 for the Midi Out port.
3) For unconnected terminals, leave their mode set to Off (except terminal 20, which should normally be set to Status).
 setup pins for miditron
 After reading the next sections on downloading MAX/MSP/JITTER you can progress to Chapter 7 to learn how to use that software to turn this on and off.