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Miditron Terminals

The pinout of the Miditron proceeds from termina 1 - terminal 20 


 Each of the 20 Terminals (pins) can be set into one of the following modes with the programming patch provided with the Miditron.



Digital Input

Analog Input

Digital Output

Analog Output or status (terminal 20 only)

Analog inputs are available on Terminals (pins) 1-10 and must start with # 1 and proceed to # 2, # 3 etc. consecutively, as you add more analog inputs to the Miditron's terminals.

Variable resistors are one example of an analog input device that you will be able to employ with the Miditron. For example as the variable resistor changes the MidiTronTM communcates with MIDI messages when the values change and it can then be programmed to respond according to these changes.

When you are attaching devices to the Miditron, you must observer safe hookup practices.  

1) Always switch circuitry off during any rewiring

2) Always use a schematic and carefully check your logic to make sure the circuit will function.

3) When you switch the Miditron on again does the RED LED dim significantly? If yes you may have a short immediately shut the Miditron off and check your wiring again.

4) Another safe practice is to check the voltage at the last two pins to see if they are reading +5 volts and GND.