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MIDITRON MAX MSP controlling one LED

Here are the settings again for the Miditron programmer.

1) Open up your Miditron Programmer and select the EMU X 1X1 Tab Midi, for both input and output. I suggest you turn on the Miditron on for this stage, so the computer recognizes the Miditron.

2)  Under Terminal #1 select: Mode: Digital Out, Channel: 1, Command:Poly pressure, Pitch: 0, Pressure-Low: 1, Pressure -high:0, Polarity: Positive.


It will look like this:



Now onto the circuit for testing that the programmer is talking well to your computer.

You can control an LED with the Miditron as with many microcontrollers.

Here is your first MAX/MSP patch in its most basic form.

We have double clicked on these objects and drawn a connection between the out of the one object into the in of the other

When you double click you should see this window appear below and select E-MUxMidi1x1 Tab Out.

Once this is selected you need to lock your patch and send a number to the object window. If your LED comes on you have just confirmed the functionality of your MIDTRON.