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 Here the Miditron programmer has two channels activated. You have clicked on the E-MUSxMidi1x1 on both the Midi in port and the Midi out port.



This circuit below allows you to test the MAX MSP Jitter patches that follow.





MAX patch to control two LEDs high and low

 By changing the values in the number boxes you will activate or deactivate the LED. Be sure to first double click on the Polyout object with your patch locked and assign the proper


Another way to get a message of 1 or 0 into the polyout object is to send a message there. You can use the message box to do this.  

Now click on the message  box to the right and the LED should go off. Each time you have send the hardware a message from the message box telling it to enter that value. You an also enter messages sequentially in a message box. such as 1,0, 1,0 each number followed by a comma.Once you have entered this patch and LOCKED the patch click in the message box within the patch, first on the left and the LED should come on, assuming your circuit is powered up.