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MAX MSP & Jitter
MAX MSP & Jitter allows custom software through the writing of patches (which are software subroutines written in MAX MSP ) to use as behavioral drivers, to control the inputs and outputs, which can activate sound, video signals, image sequences and motors.  MAX/MSP/JITTER can be downloaded from http://cycling74.com

As of the writing of this chapter, MAX MSP 7 is available and students can purchase a one year license for a reasonable price.

From here on out chapter sections will be identified with Arduino, Miditron or BS2 to identify the microcontroller path you have chosen.
To start you must click one time to create a new Patcher.
Below is the window where you will be programming and creating behaviors in MAX MSP and Jitter.
It looks different than the MAX 5 window in that a new feature is the object explorer of the window allowing you to explore new objects and code.
MAX MSP lessons on how to us MAX to control the Arduino then click continue in Chapter 7 and learn about LEDs first.

OR if you would like to skip to lessons on the Basic Stamp or Miditron then press next below..